We are passionate about improving access to neurological physiotherapy at home and in the community

We are a team of experienced neurological physiotherapists based just outside Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Neurological conditions are wide-ranging and often complex, with every person’s experience of them unique therefore at Neuro Physio at Home we aim to provide an individualised rehabilitation service to help you discover your potential. We are community-based and provide neurological physiotherapy in your own home or in a setting relevant to your needs. 

How we can help

Assessment & Treatment

We can provide a comprehensive neurological assessment in your home or preferred venue to understand your current needs, advise on treatment options and agree rehab goals. We utilise a variety of different treatment modalities and approaches in line with current best practice to deliver individually tailored rehabilitation.

Exercise classes

We are the first licensed provider in Northern Ireland of PD Warrior exercise classes for Parkinson’s disease. Click here for more details.


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Conditions we treat

If your condition is not listed, or you have any queries just get in touch and we can discuss your individual needs


Parkinson's disease

Functional disorders

Brain Injuries

Spinal cord injuries

Neuromuscular disorders


Multiple Sclerosis

Motor Neuron Disease

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